The Cadillac Ciel concept is a convertible showstopper that wowed crowds at this year's Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance. Not surprisingly, Jay Leno managed to secure some talking time with General Motors VP of Global Design Ed Wellburn, and the two chatted about the ultimate Art and Science-mobile while Leno got a look at some of its features.

The Ciel concept is powered by a 425-horsepower twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter V6 engine that's paired with a lithium-ion battery pack powering an electric motor. Basically, it's one of the best-looking hybrid vehicles on the planet at the moment, and it's even more intriguing when Wellburn shows off the rear power suicide doors.

It may be wearing a different badge, but Cadillac has seemingly built a modern-day homage to the fourth-generation Lincoln Continental. Click past the jump to see what we're talking about.

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      God, that's a fantastic looking design. Between this gorgeous Ciel or the Sixteen from a few years ago, the next (real) Cadillac flagship should be absolutely stunning. (and no, the upcoming XTS is not what I consider a real flagship for Cadillac)
        Krishan Mistry
        • 4 Years Ago
        Definitely not with FWD architecture, the XTS won't. Just put that V16 engine into the droptop Ciel's enormous hood and call it done.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I think this is really a stunning design and the attention to detail is impressive. I love that Jay has such an appreciation of the history of automobiles and the fine details but, Jay, please let a guy finish a sentence without covering him up with your own thoughts. I know you're excited but... slow down.
        • 4 Years Ago
        I'm sayin'!!! I thought I was the only one who noticed! GOT DAYUM, Jay...Let the man finish a sentence! Where's the fire?! Ed was chatting very relaxed, and Jay was acting like he had somewhere to be. Jay set the record for "Most Cut-offs" in that one. I like Jay as a fellow car guy, and I know he's made his riches interacting with people over the years, but needs to to re-visit a few "People Skills 101" basics.
        • 4 Years Ago
        Yeah... he must have been hopped up on coffee or had to pee. The nervous fidgety leg bouncing was getting really annoying.
      • 4 Years Ago
      Cadillac needs to build this car. Flat out beautiful! Is it practical? No, but who cares... it's a statement car in the tradition of old elegant Caddy's. If this is the design direction Cadillac is headed, they're going in the right direction!
      Erik Hans Dahlgren
      • 4 Years Ago
      This is exactly what a Cadillac should your face "blingtastic"
      • 4 Years Ago
      This is what the Lincoln should be. That car is stunning. Beautiful job GM.
      • 4 Years Ago
      • 4 Years Ago
      I haven't seen a Caddy look this good in decades. It looks great, but IMO, it would look better if the rear wheel arches could even be designed to partially cover the wheels like the early 1960s Cadillac El Dorado. That would make it really slick, and I don't think it would even make it look too retro. Instead it'd be an instant classic. It would be truly a Cadillac. Class and stylin' flare.
      Brandon Allen
      • 4 Years Ago
      If this design were just applied to the replacement for the crappy, outdated DTS without any of the fancy hybrid powertrain or concept trickery, we'd have a complete world class Caddy lineup. Just make this design but in the same level of trim as the current CTS. Seriously, designs like this shouldn't be wasted on never to be produced vehicles. And Jay Leno isn't entertaining.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I wish Cadillac would design some casual clothes or a mechanic's jumpsuit for Jay.
      • 4 Years Ago
      I love Jay Leno. These Jay's Garage videos rock. But Jay... It's Monterrey, Pebble Beach, the Concours d'Elegance, etc. Think maybe you could have buttoned up your jean shirt and maybe worn a *really nice* jean jacket? Like a Levi's or Carhartt... or God forbid a wool sport jacket or something a little dressy with your jeans. Seriously though, Jay, keep these vids coming :)
      • 4 Years Ago
      Looks like a car from gotham city in the animated Batman series. And I WANT IT! The last time I saw taht design cue I think was when Chrysler rolled out the 300 and the Magnum. These are Manly cars, they are big and brutish and they are awesome.
      • 4 Years Ago
      does jay have a body guard, whats with the tall guy with glasses pushing people back (ie 7:07 mark) beautiful car though, really reflecting of what Cadillac and american luxury cars were and can be. now its lincolns turn to strut its stuff, after hearing what mcelroy had to say on the podcast im stoked to see the new designs.
        • 4 Years Ago
        He does it at 8:23 with another person as well. Don't really think it is a body guard though... Probably just security for the event in general. Or part of the film crew to make sure the guy's face isn't predominantly in the video...
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