Lincoln MKT Stretch Limo

Following the death of the Town Car, Lincoln will be prepping its MKT crossover for a variety of livery duties in the coming years. We recently spied an MKT Hearse doing its first rounds of testing, and now our men in the trees have snapped this stretch limousine version of the luxury crossover.

Ford says that its upcoming livery products will be powered by the automaker's 3.7-liter V6 – the base engine in the standard MKT – with both front- and all-wheel drive configurations available. Obviously, this stretched MKT's middle body panels are simply in place for the purpose of powertrain and chassis testing, and we have no doubts that the finalized limousine will be nothing short of ultra-luxurious.

Now, let's just hope Ford offers some sort of panoramic moonroof so glammed-up high school girls have no problem standing up and waving to their friends on prom night. See all three high-res spy photos of the MKT limo in our image gallery below.

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Lincoln MKT Stretch Limo: Spy ShotsLincoln MKT Stretch Limo: Spy ShotsLincoln MKT Stretch Limo: Spy Shots

[Images: Chris Doane/Brenda Priddy & Company]