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2010 JDM Subaru Legacy B4 Wagon – Click above for high-res image gallery

The boys over at Subaru Tecnica International must have some extra time on their hands lately. Sure, they opened a museum recently, and may have even lent a hand with Ken Block's new Gymkhana ride. But after canceling their iconic World Rally Championship program, we can mentally picture the tumbleweed rolling through their garage. Thankfully, if the latest rumors from Nihon Car are any indication, the STI crew may have a new project on their hands: a racing version of the new Legacy for the Japanese local Super GT series.

Although details are few and far between at this point, the Legacy STI would reportedly compete in the series' second-tier GT300 class, not in the top-level GT500. The GT300 category closely mirrors production car specs, so don't expect any wild conversions, but STI would surely push the envelope here, especially considering that their super-sedan would have to dice it with the likes of Porsche GT3s and race-prepped Ferraris and Lamborghinis.

Privateer team Cusco won a race last year at Sepang with a GT300-spec Impreza, where the all-wheel-drive proved an advantage, but there's no telling what could happen if Subaru throws the weight of its factory support behind a works racing effort.

[Source: Nihon Car]

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    • 1 Second Ago
      • 6 Years Ago
      Good lord... We couldn't get JACK when the Legacy was actually an attractive car. S402 barely eeked out in Japan, before the end of the body-style.

      But like S402, it is likely this GT300-homologation will probably not see american soil.

      Subaru CAN do fantastic things. What they CHOOSE to do is a completely separate matter, and Subaru of America is a whole other kettle of weaksauce.

      Gee, I'm not bitter, or anything. After seeing the Spec B hobbled and expensive compared to the GT Spec B and 3.0R Spec B that were both available overseas with full options and colors, and manual or automatic gearbox choices.

      Not to mention other BL-chassis specials, like the World Rally Commemorative cars, Blitzen special editions, Tuned-By-STI, and then S402, and various other limited production packages, and Legacy Wagon availability that Japan, and other markets saw, that US never got a whit's chance to see.

      The new car is still ugly as hell, but this is adding insult to injury to Legacy enthusiasts like myself, at this point.

      And, BTW, the EZ30 and EZ36 engines are smaller, and less over-built for turbocharging from the factory, with warranty consideration. If they had updated the EG33 to EG36/37, with AVCS and such... that block could handle the heat and pressure of forced induction, with proper piston and cam configuration, especially if the block were moved to a more semi-closed deck around the cylinder sleeves. That engine was under-appreciated, and dropped too early by Subaru.
      • 6 Years Ago
      ermm..... a 300hp, V6 MR-S isn't anywhere close to "production spec" . The GT300 cars are tube frame , CF bodied cars just like their GT500 counterparts. None of them are "close to production spec".

      Just saying...........
      • 6 Years Ago
      Yes, please!
      • 6 Years Ago
      They should make a Legacy STI, I'd love to see a twin-turbo boxer 6 in it.
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