Subaru opens STI Gallery in Tokyo

You remember turning 20? the end of teenage years, the beginning of adulthood...that's what Subaru Tecnica International – the performance division better known by its initials STI – celebrates this year, and to mark the occasion, Fuji Heavy is inaugurating the STI Gallery, a new museum in Tokyo that highlights the products and activities of its Subaru racing unit.

Located at 3-9-6 Osawa, Mitaka, Tokyo, the STI Gallery will be open every day (barring certain holidays) from 9:30 am to 7 pm, when visitors can stop by and scope out STI in all its glory. The car exhibition zone displays STI vehicles both past and present, race and road. (Colin McRae's WRC New Zealand-winning 1993 Legacy RS is currently on display to celebrate the launch of the new Legacy). There's also an exhibit of various components and memorabilia and a history section outlining the division's past activities. Seems like a worthwhile way to spend an afternoon if you find yourself in Tokyo with some time to burn.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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