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Volkswagen Beetle "Type One"
  • Volkswagen Beetle "Type One"

    Volkswagen Beetle "Type One"

    This is the original Type One, the car that was designed by Ferdinand Porsche and greenlighted by Adolph Hitler to become the "People's Car," or "Volkswagen." Later, it would be called "The Beetle" for its shape.

  • Kubelwagen


    The Type One "Beetle" was not produced before the war for public purchase. Once Hitler started marching through Europe, though, the car's under-pinnings were used to make the "Kubelwagen," or German Jeep. It was rugged and versatile. Later it would be adapted to a consumer SUV sold as "The Thing" in the U.S.

  • Vokswagen Classic Ad

    Vokswagen Classic Ad

    This ad for the Beetle featuring NBA star Wilt Chamberlain was typical of ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach's style, which changed advertising creativity for good.

  • VW Super Beetle

    VW Super Beetle

    The 1970s version of the Beetle: nicer seats and dashboard, it is not generally as coveted by collectors as the original, which had a steel body-colored flat dash.

  • The new New Beetle

    The new New Beetle

    On April 18, Volkswagen will debut a new New Beetle, more aggressive and muscular in styling, in hopes of attracting more male buyers.

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