Consumer Reports' Most Reliable Vehicle Brands for 2015
  • Consumer Reports' Most Reliable Vehicle Brands for 2015
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    Consumer Reports' Most Reliable Vehicle Brands for 2015

    When you buy a brand-new car, you expect it to be reliable. But, according to Consumer Reports, some new-car buyers will be rewarded with much better reliability than others.

    Each year, the team from Consumer Reports conducts the largest survey of people who have recently purchased new vehicles, and results from the latest edition has just been released.

    Click on the image above to see which vehicles earned the highest scores.

  • Number 7: Buick
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    Number 7: Buick

    Buick is the only American automaker to score a spot on the list of most reliable brands from Consumer Reports in 2015. Buick's average score of 27 lands it in seventh spot, which is down one from 2014.
  • Number 6: Kia
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    Number 6: Kia

    Landing at number six on Consumer Reports' latest list of most reliable automobile brands is Kia. With a score of 27, Kia actually ties Buick, and that's good enough to push the Korean brand up four spots in 2015.
  • Number 5: Subaru
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    Number 5: Subaru

    With an average score of 28, Subaru finds itself in fifth place on Consumer Reports latest list of the most reliable automobile brands.
  • Number 4: Mazda
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    Number 4: Mazda

    Mazda sits in fourth position on Consumer Reports' list of the most reliable automobile brands for 2015. Mazda fell one slot overall this year, but its score of 35 is still pretty good.
  • Number 3: Audi
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    Number 3: Audi

    Audi is the only German automaker to earn a slot on Consumer Reports' list of the most reliable automakers for 2015. With a score of 41, Audi managed to move up two spots over its performance in 2014.
  • Number 2: Toyota
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    Number 2: Toyota

    This comes as little surprise, but Toyota's score of 56 from Consumer Reports lands it in second place in overall vehicle reliability. There's only one nameplate with a higher score, and that won't come as a shock, either.
  • Number 1: Lexus
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    Number 1: Lexus

    At the very top of Consumer Reports' vehicular reliability scale for 2015 is Lexus. With an average score of 64, Lexus easily beat out every other automaker for reliability, a feat it also managed in 2014.
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