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Buy brand-name car parts online at Amazon's OEM parts store

These are official OEM parts from dealerships

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Amazon is now connecting customers directly to automakers and local dealership parts departments. The Amazon OEM Automotive & Powersports Parts shop has brand-name parts listings with competitive pricing and fitment info, in what looks to be an attempt to compete with eBay Motors. Amazon's OEM Parts shop is relatively new, and part selections are currently limited, so it likely won't replace your trip to AutoZone or O'Reilly or eliminate your need to go to your local car dealer just yet, but it is an interesting preview of what could become a robust automotive marketplace from the online retailer. 

Buy Car Parts at Amazon

To find the Amazon parts shop click the "automotive" menu at the top of the Amazon homepage below the search bar. If you're on the Amazon mobile app you'll first want to click the "hamburger" button in the lower right of the screen, next to the cart button. Then scroll down until you find the "Automotive" tile, tap it and a new button labeled "Automotive Parts and Accessories" will appear. Click it and you'll be taken to the Amazon automotive hub. From here you'll be able to shop for OEM parts by category or brand and set up your "garage" — more on this later. 

You'll find the parts listings organized by product category or brand.

The current list of product categories includes:

The OEM brands Amazon currently has listed for are:

Not new, but certainly helpful as you shop for car parts, is the Amazon confirmed fit tool. Click the “add a new vehicle” button and you’ll be prompted to enter a few pieces of information about your car - vehicle type, the car’s year, make, and model. Once you’ve filled out all the drop-downs click “go” and you’ll be served a listening of products compatible with your specific vehicle. At the top of the screen, you may also see a green field that says in small text “add more information about your vehicle.” If you click through you’ll be prompted with even more dropdown menus. These fields will ask about what trim, drive type, engine, and transmission your car has. You can also add another car to your “garage” here. 

In your Amazon "garage” you'll see a picture of your vehicle along with some service recommendations based on mileage. You can also edit car info here, and add more cars to your garage.

One big question remains: Will buying at Amazon be cheaper than buying directly from the dealership? You’ll certainly save yourself a trip to the dealership buying online, but the limited selection keeps the Amazon OEM Parts department from being the no-brainer one-stop-shop for customers for now.

Come back to Autoblog as we spotlight specific car part deals from the Amazon OEM Automotive and Powersports Parts shop.  

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