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Electric Jaguar XJ spied testing at high speed on frozen roads

It's long, low, wide, and powered by a big battery pack

Jaguar XJ electric spy shot
Jaguar XJ electric spy shot / Image Credit: Carpix
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UPDATE: A much better set of spy shots hit our inboxes this morning, so we've updated this story with the new photos. As you can see, we have a pretty complete set of photographs showing the new all-electric Jaguar XJ from pretty much every angle. The first set of spy photos can be seen further down below The original story continues:

The image gallery above represents our best look yet of the soon-to-be-reborn Jaguar XJ. Unlike the sedan's first 50 or so years, this one is electric, which makes sense considering the original mission statement for Jag's flagship people hauler was to be an "eXperimental Jaguar." The automaker has already told us that the electrified XJ will ride atop the Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) platform as "the world's first, full-electric luxury sports saloon," as they've apparently forgotten that Tesla and the Porsche Taycan already exist.

Unfortunately, the shots we have to share with you today aren't great — the photographer suggests the driver of the big cat was quite adept at eluding his lens — but unlike the last time it's at least moving (quickly) under its own power and we can definitely make out a very slinky four-door shape. This is going to be a very large car, which makes sense considering it'll share its MLA guts with upcoming SUVs from corporate cousin Land Rover. Judging by the cutlines in the camouflage at the rear, it appears to be a five-door hatchback shell, a form it will share with the Tesla Model S. That same camo covers most of the lighting elements, so we're not sure how close they conform to the teaser you can see here.

Jaguar has said that vehicles based on the MLA platform will get 90.2-kWh battery packs capable of up to 292 miles of range, though those estimates would be lower on U.S. testing cycles. The chassis has been built to accept internal combustion engines and hybrids, too, a necessary compromise if the next XJ is going to fully compete with Jaguar's German rivals. We can't say if this particular prototype is all electric or if there's an engine resting underhood, but the big covered grille opening suggests cooling won't be an issue either way.

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