Ken Block's new Ford Escort has ground-up pieces of his burned car in its paint

Watch Block take it out for its first test runs

Ken Block just unveiled the look of his new Ford Escort RS Cosworth, aka Cossie V2, in late February, but still photos of a rally car don't properly do it justice. So, in Episode 2 of his new video series, he finally takes it out for some action. Block also lets his audience in on a cool little secret: The paint on the V2's rollcage has ground-up flakes from various parts of his original Escort that burned up.

At 7:28 in the video, Block is seen gliding his hand over one of the roll cage bars. The texture he's feeling is a bit rough, because the paint has chips of ground-up car parts taken off of the Cossie V1 that went down in flames during a race accident.

"We wanted to bring the original Cossie somehow forward into this car," Block says in the video. "So we ended up sending Deathspray [Customs] part of a turbo, part of a wheel, and part of a fender. He took those parts and ground them up, so that we could add them to the paint."

It's a fun way to make use of a car that was about as totaled as totaled can be and shows the emotional connection a driver makes with his racecars. And Block really loves his racecars, further proven by his ridiculous matching jumpsuit that is nearly identical to the Cossie V2's livery.

The good stuff starts at about 8:30 when Block finally gets into the car for the first time. He rips it on an airfield before going out to the gravel at about 14:40. Watch the Cossie V2 get freaky for the first time in the full video above.

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