2019 Shelby GT Ford Mustang returns with 480 horsepower

You can get it with GT350H rental car gold stripes

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One of the more famous Shelby Mustang sports cars is the GT350H, a version of the classic Shelby GT350 that was rented out by Hertz in the 1960s. Shelby revived the idea in the mid-2000s with the Shelby GT-H, and the consumer-ready Shelby GT. The nameplate is back again the the 2019 Shelby GT, and while it's not available to rent this time, you can still get it with the signature gold stripes.

The new model is typical modern Shelby: lots of show, a bit more go. Under the hood is the typical 5.0-liter V8 from the regular Mustang, but it makes a claimed 480 horsepower, 20 more than the stock Mustang GT, and the same as the new Bullitt, and it has a Borla cat-back exhaust. Shelby also adds Ford Performance springs and anti-roll bars to each standard Shelby GT, plus some caster and camber adjustment plates. Visually, it looks much more aggressive with a new bumper, side skirts, rear bumper, taillight panel, spoiler, and, of course, stripes. Inside upgrades mainly consist of badges and fancy floor mats.

Shelby also offers an array of options to add to the basic Shelby GT. The GT-H package, in which the H stands for "Heritage" not "Hertz," adds the gold stripes of the rental car, and can only be had with black or white paint. The package also adds Ford Performance shocks, something available in the Shelby Premium package, too. A "Heavy Duty" package adds an upgraded radiator, wheel studs and axle half-shafts. The company will eventually offer a Ford Performance supercharger kit, too.

Pricing for all of the different options hasn't been announced yet, but the base car prices have. A no-frills Shelby GT starts at $61,345, and a Heritage or Premium model starts at $66,345. This pricing is for a manual-transmission coupe for the base. Shelby will also do a convertible and automatic versions. It's worth pointing out that a Ford Mustang Bullitt has the same amount of power, and it just costs $47,495, and the springs and anti-roll bars from Ford Performance cost under $1,000 for the parts. So you could have effectively the same car for over $16,000 less than the Shelby GT.

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