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Dallara trademarks name for its upcoming road car

Mustang Ecoboost drivetrain still likely, too.

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A little while ago we published spy shots of the upcoming Dallara road car. At that point there was precious little information available about the new, bare-bones special being developed by the Italian racing car powerhouse, but now details are seeping out.

The last time, we could establish that it might be utilizing the running gear of an Ecoboost Mustang, tuned to 400 horsepower at best, and Autocar's reporting again reflects that. But Autocar has now uncovered a trademark filed by Dallara Automobili SpA across the European market, which would see the new car called the Dallara Stradale, "stradale" (stra-DAH-leh) being Italian for road.

The company's founder, Giampaola Dallara, sees the vehicle as "his last car," and he believes it should be ready by the end of the year. The Stradale, if that is indeed what it will be called, would do without conventional doors and instead use gullwing glass windows as a means of entry. As it would be a technological step forward based on the "lessons learned" from the KTM X-Bow, partially developed by Dallara, it would also be priced above the X-Bow, nearing $75,000 in the European market. It would also be lighter than the 1,867-pound KTM.

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