Watch Volvo put its 2018 XC60 through rigorous crash tests

In one video, of a 30 mph rollover test, the car is barely even dented.

The cover of Volvo's IntelliSafe brochure features an image of a car speeding toward a moose. Don't worry, though, the moose is safe. Volvo's City Safety Technology suite is programmed to recognize almost anything that could meander into a car's path, from bicyclists to "large animals, like moose, elks, and horses." That made us chuckle, but it also reminded us that Volvo takes safety seriously.

But sometimes it's just not possible to avoid an accident. All the cameras, radar, and sensors in the world won't do a lick of good when a two-ton projectile unavoidably slams into an immoveable object. And that's why Volvo puts each of its vehicles through a rigorous set of crash tests. Up above you can see the 2018 Volvo XC60 endure a torturous rollover procedure, but it's what you won't see that's so impressive – there's practically zero deformation and absolutely no cabin intrusion, even after several direct hits to the roof.

Just below are two more videos that will play back to back, one showing a head-on collision between an XC60 and a fixed barrier at 35 miles per hour. Note how much the structure collapses all around the passenger compartment, and stick around for the under-car footage to see the drivetrain give way instead of intruding into the cabin. The second video shows a small overlap crash at 40 mph. There's a ton of damage to the car, and it's completely by design. The front suspension bits break away, the sheetmetal peels back, and the car gracefully and impressively glances off the barrier.

Volvo is holding fast to its publicly stated goal "that by 2020 no one should be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car." Whether the Swedish automaker will succeed in that lofty and laudable goal, we're not there yet. But, judging from these three crash test videos, we're probably closer than ever before.

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