The new Citroën C6 sedan wasn't the French automaker's only debut at the Beijing Motor Show this month. Citroën and its Chinese partner Dongfeng have launched a new electric car based on the C-Elysée. Called the Citroën E-Elysée, the new electric sedan is scheduled to launch in China next year.

Details remain fairly scarce about the E-Elysée, but we do know that its lithium-ion battery has the capacity to propel the car for up to 155 miles on a single charge. Using a fast charger, it can juice up in just 30 minutes, though it takes 6.5 hours on a standard charger.

citroen dongfeng e-elysee e-mehari ev baijing motor show chinaThe E-Elysée is part of Dongfeng Citroën's larger efforts to successfully penetrate China's reasonably healthy and growing electric vehicle market. At the Beijing Motor Show, the E-Elysée took the stage alongside the Citröen E-Mehari, a topless four-seater that recently went on sale in France. There's no word on whether or not the E-Elysée will use the same battery leasing program that the E-Mehari is subject to in France.

Also, while pricing is yet to be announced for the E-Elysée, China does offer some enticing incentives as it works towards its national EV and air quality goals. An EV-friendly government could play an important and helpful role in Dongfeng Citroën's ambitions of becoming a heavy hitter in China's electric mobility market. The C-Elysée is already the automaker's most popular car in China, and that association could earn its electric counterpart some valuable credibility among buyers.

While there's sizeable competition for EVs in China, there's still a pretty big pie from which Dongfeng Citroën can carve its slice. China is expected to sell some 300,000 plug-in vehicles in 2016 alone. If that momentum continues through to the C-Elysée's 2017 launch, there could be a nice payday to be had. Read more in the press release below.

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A first practical step in electric vehicles in China with Citroën E-Elysée

Buoyed by its excellent image in WTCC with two championship titles, C-Elysée is consolidating its status as Dongfeng Citroën's best-selling vehicle in China, with 90,000 sales in 2015. Building on this impetus, the brand is unveiling an all-electric version of its three-box saloon: Citroën E-Elysée. Scheduled for launch in China in 2017, this model reflects Dongfeng Citroën's ambitions to be a key player in electric vehicles for the Chinese public. Featuring a lithium-ion battery, E-Elysée has a range of up to 250 km and can be fast-charged in just 30 minutes (6.5 hours in normal charging mode).

This emphasis on electric vehicles is also an opportunity for the brand to present its latest vehicle to the Chinese public for the first time: Citroën E-MEHARI, an all-electric 4-seater cabriolet with a unique personality.

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