The leaders in the pack of China's best-selling electric vehicles for 2016 is likely to be a locals-only affair. Among those domestic automakers building plug-in vehicles, BYD will once again come out on top. Build Your Dreams, indeed.

These are the predictions from EV Sales, which collects plug-in vehicle sales from around the globe and has a good handle on how things play out in different countries. EV Sales decided to try and peer into the crystal ball and figures that the BYD Tang SUV will be China's top-selling electric vehicle model in 2016, moving about 75,000 units. The Kandi Panda is expected to sell about 55,000 vehicles, while the Zotye Cloud EV is slated to move 25,000 units.

Of the new models, BYD will sell about 48,000 units of its Song, Yuan, Ming, T5 and T7 models. Kandi will move about 35,000 of its Cyclone and K30 sedan vehicles. Zotye will sell about 20,000 of its Zhima E30, and BAIC will move about 7,500 of its D50 electric vehicles.

Among automakers not from China, Tesla will lead the pack by selling about 10,000 units of its Model S sedan and Model X SUV. Volvo will sell 5,000 EVs based on its agreements for local production, while BMW and Mercedes will move about 3,000 units each of its electric vehicles. All of EV Sales predictions add up to over 300,000 units.

While BYD's North American presence was limited to its expanding inventory of plug-in buses, the company, which has been long backed by Warren Buffet, was a major reason why the global sales of electric vehicles likely surpassed the half-million-unit mark in 2015. In fact, BYD sold more than 50,000 plug-in vehicles during last November alone. By the end of last year, China-based BYD and Kandi were eating away at the market share of longtime plug-in vehicle makers Nissan and Chevrolet.

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