Ssangyong takes another baby step towards US sales, registers 'Tivoli'

At various points over the last 20 years Ssangyong has been hovering near the gates of the US automotive market, but would never get close enough to look like it was making a serious run; trademark applications are about all the momentum we saw. Under new ownership of Mahindra & Mahindra and with sales rebounding, the company is back in the US trademark registration phase, asking the US Patent and Trademark Office to give it rights to the names "Tivoli" and "Luvent." According to an article in Consumer Reports, those vehicles - a subcompact crossover and a hatchback sharing a platform – could be here in two years, if Sssangyong has its way.

Checking the USPTO filings, the trademark applications were submitted over two days in June this year. The Luvent name is in the 'published for opposition' phase, which gives other trademark holders (there don't appear to be any) 30 days to protest the submission. The Tivoli application, however, has been countered with a suspension letter, which means the application is on hold for unknown reasons. There are, unsurprisingly, a lot of other Tivolis out there.

Speaking of possible name changes, CR says that even the Ssangyong brand name might change for the US market – assuming the company ever does get here – and if it does, our vote would be to use its English translation: Double Dragon.

Ssangyong said it designed the Tivoli to pass US crash tests, with 40 percent of its body fashioned from high-strength steel on top of a brace of electronic safety features. In South Korea it will launch with a 1.6-liter gasoline four-cylinder with 125 horsepower, a diesel and all-wheel drive offered after sometime later. If it can bring it here for something like the equivalent $15,000 South Korean price - and just maybe inject some stronger styling cues from the XIV concepts it's based on - well, who knows; this could be its time.

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