Atalanta to unveil new Sports Tourer at upcoming London concours

Automakers come and automakers go. Sometimes they come and go and come back again, as in the case of revived marques like Bugatti, Mini, Maybach and ATS. And now we're about to have another one on our hands. That marque is Atalanta, which traces its routes back to 1937. It only ever offered two models and made about 20 of them before closing down in 1939. A couple years ago, we caught wind of an effort to bring the brand back with a new Atalanta Sports Tourer, but didn't hear anything of the effort again until now.

The revived company has announced that it will unveil the new Atalanta Sports Tourer at the third annual Concours of Elegance, which was held first at Windsor Castle, then at the Royal Palace of St James and will take place later this week at Hampton Court Palace in London. Precious few details have been revealed, except to say that the vast majority of the components were designed in-house and that the whole thing is built around an ash wood frame with hand-crafted aluminum bodywork.

Each of these Morgan rivals will be made to order, and as you can see from the images in the expanded gallery above, the styling is beyond retro - it's downright old-school, and had us wondering (before we received confirmation) if we were looking at the new model or one of the originals, like the 1937 model that won Best in Show at the 2007 Carter Style et Luxe concours and which will also be on display at Hampton Court alongside the first new chassis – it's the new one, for the record. Feel free to read more in the press release below.
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For the first time since 1939, a new Atalanta motor car will be officially launched. Most fittingly, the vehicle will debut at the third International Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court Palace 5-7 September 2014.

The new Atalanta maintains true fidelity to its predecessor to offer a unique motoring experience. With every curve from every angle it exhibits the style of Silver Screen glamour combined with the developments derived from 75 years of motoring evolution; the all-new Atalanta employs relevant modern technology to enhance performance and safety without compromise. Atalanta's presence at this year's Concours affords a rare opportunity to see and commission a piece of motoring heritage.

90% of the component parts are designed and engineered directly by Atalanta, including castings, forgings and fabrications. Furthermore, it is a traditionally hand-crafted aluminium-over-ash coach-built structure.

Managing Director of Atalanta Motors, Martyn Corfield, explains: "Staying true to the original Atalanta design principles, we have enhanced the positive and enjoyable characteristics of vintage motoring in a style that is relevant and exciting today." He continues: "As in the 1930's, Atalanta Motors provides the opportunity to commission an individual driving machine to exacting requirements. The new sports car readily offers an exhilarating drive with assured handling and a supremely comfortable ride."

In short, Atalanta embodies style, innovation and performance.

As well as seeing chassis number 1 of the brand new model, visitors to the Concours of Elegance may also be able to see a 1937 Atalanta, both proudly owned by Matthew Le Breton. Interestingly, his 1937 model won 'Best in Show' at the 2007 Cartier et Luxe Concours. In addition, a selected number of visitors will be able to experience first-hand the new Atalanta later this autumn at an exclusive venue, shortly to be announced.

Rory Watson, son of Neil Watson, (Atalanta's original founder), comments: "I never thought that something my father helped create all those years ago could be revived. I know he would be so very proud of what Martyn Corfield and his team has achieved at the new Atalanta Motors."

Limited commissions for the Atalanta are being taken and each is built to individual specifications, making each vehicle completely unique vehicle. To register your interest in Atalanta, or to request a test drive, please visit their stand at the Concours of Elegance, or visit

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