Generally speaking, there's not a terribly high level of danger associated with the humble golf cart. Sure, if you're driving one with zero respect to life and limb, you could certainly injure yourself or someone else, but anyone with at least a modicum of respect for large moving objects ought to be able to exit a golf cart with both themselves and the cart in one piece.

We're sure Terry Hatfield would be no different... except for the fact this his is no ordinary golf cart. In fact, we're not so sure it qualifies as a golf cart at all, even if it perhaps started life as such. In any case, the Shock Therapy drag-racing cart you see above proves, once again, how good electric motors are at making lots of torque, right off idle.

We've included another view from the inside of the golf cart itself just down below. Pay attention to what Terry says just before taking off down the track just before the 2:00-minute mark...

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