IIHS shows you how they capture crash-test footage

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety crashes a bunch of cars each year (multiple times, too) to ascertain their safety at its Vehicle Research Center. Have you ever wondered not just what it takes to slam automobiles against obstacles, but how to record it all accurately? A new video from the institute goes behind the scenes into its video production capabilities from the initial crash to final video editing.

The center's crash hall is designed specifically for high quality photography. It has a custom lighting array to produce diffused light that prevents hard shadows. The IIHS also uses a networked array of slow-motion digital cameras, which it refers to as digital imagers, that all begin filming at the same time when a test begins.

It's a fascinating and scientific process that aims to set a world standard in crash testing. Scroll down to watch some high-quality shots of cars getting smashed and gain a better understanding of what the IIHS does.

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