For a few years now, you've been able to play a ported version of Sega's hit Crazy Taxi on your smartphone. I did it, and to be honest, the mobile version just didn't hold me in the same sway as did the raucous cabbing game from the early 2000s. Maybe I just miss my Dreamcast.

In any event, the franchise is set to get yet another reboot later this year, when Crazy Taxi: City Rush hits iOS and Android devices as a free download. The Verge and its game-site Polygon have had some early access to the game, saying that the new Taxi foregoes standard car controls in favor of sort of swiping to avoid traffic, flying and/or jumping (if we can believe the pictures) and generally faster-paced play. Social tie-ins, upgradable and customizable cars and the inevitable spate of in-app purchases are also said to be in the works.

Based on the promo video we've embedded below, Crazy Taxi's over-the-top sense of humor (and color) has survived to see another generation, too.

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