When you purchased your first copy of Crazy Taxi for your Sega Dreamcast back in 2000, you probably didn't realize that it would go on to be a huge franchise. Actually, that's overshooting by a little bit, but Crazy Taxi proved to have a lot more staying power than most of us would have thought.

You might not realize (we had to look it up), but Crazy Taxi has already seen five major releases including the original arcade version, as well as a ticket-redemption game, a themed remote-controlled car toy, and no fewer than two aborted attempts at movies. (No kidding. We read that the first go failed because due to an "absence of plot elements." You can't make this stuff up.)

Anyway... Sega is now preparing to port its golden goose over for iOS users to enjoy, potentially meaning that a whole new generation of gamers will be exposed to that wacky Axel, and that darn crazy taxi of his. Scroll down to watch the video while we park our wayback machine.

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