If you think your commute stinks, this overloaded bus says it could be worse

Havana, Cuba is well known for its collection of vintage American cars. But even with a classic Chevrolet or Ford on every corner, personal vehicle ownership on the communist island nation is still out of reach for most citizens. Like many cities where owning vehicles is either impractical or unaffordable (or downright banned), Cuba has a public transit system. Based on this video said to be from Havana, though, we'd imagine walking to be the most comfortable option.

This video shows a bus, which looks more like an odd stretched troop transport, literally jammed full of people. No, really, they can't shut the doors there are so many passengers. It strikes as not just a highly uncomfortable situation, but also an enormously dangerous one, particularly for the passengers closest to the bus's doors. And to think, we grumble about having to sit next to someone on a bus or in the subway.

Scroll down for a look below at the world's most uncomfortable bus ride.

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