Chevy planning track-spec Corvette Z06X?

  • Image Credit: Chevrolet
If you were disappointed by the news that Chevy was not planning a new ZR1 version for the C7 Corvette, well, you shouldn't be. Because the new Z06 effectively takes the place of the previous ZR1, and we want some track time with the new King of Corvettes in the worst way. But if it's track time you're after, the Bowtie brand may have another trick up its sleeve.

At the SEMA show back in 2010, Chevy brought out a track-tuned version of the C6 called the Z06X. The concept (pictured in the gallery below) was put together by the Corvette's racing partner Pratt & Miller and packed the Z07 and carbon-fiber packages as well as competition-spec alloys fitted to an adjustable suspension, the C6.R's rear wing, a full roll cage and weight-saving plastic windows.

The concept, of course, never made it to production – at least not on the previous Vette – but it could get transferred to the new one, particularly since the new Z06, impressive as it is, seems to have grown just a touch softer with features like a removable roof panel and optional automatic transmission.

The Z06X could pose an effective challenger to the the likes of the SRT Viper TA and Porsche 911 GT3 RS (whenever the new one comes around) and bridge the gap between the road-ready Z06 and C7.R unveiled at the Detroit Auto Show this week and pictured together above. It would also, as our compatriots at Car and Driver point out, be a good stablemate to the Camaro Z/28. It would also surely cost even more than the Z/28's sticker price of $75,000, but then it would likely clock even faster lap times than anything General Motors has ever offered.

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