The Opel Ampera may look a lot like the Chevy Volt, but the price tag was always the big difference - along with the better front end, of course. While the European version of the General Motors plug-in hybrid remains more expensive than the US model, the difference has been reduced. Today, Opel announced a 7,600-euro ($10,067 US) price cut for the Ampera, bringing it down to a 38,300-euro ($50,700) starting price.

Actually, that's the price drop in Germany, where Opel is based. The company said it is, "significantly reducing the Ampera's purchase price in selected markets," but the press release (available below) does not mention any other numbers. Still, the lower prices are part of a new "E-initiative" announced by Opel CEO Karl-Thomas Neumann today at the Zeit Congress in Frankfurt that aims to get more people behind the wheel of a plug-in vehicle. As the company said in a statement, "this environmentally friendly type of mobility ... is still not widespread enough."

In both the US and Canada, the Volt "only" got a $5,000 price cut, but the starting price before the cuts was much lower than the amount in Europe. The car starts at $34,995 in the US and $36,895CDN in Canada. All these prices are without any government incentives for plug-in vehicles.
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Opel Ampera Electric Vehicle Now At Low Price of 38,300 euros

  • Clear signal: Price reduction gives electric mobility new boost
  • Clear statement: Opel CEO Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann announces E-initiative
  • No compromises: Fully-fledged four-seater without range limitation
Rüsselsheim. The Opel Ampera is unique. No other European electric car can transport four people up to 80 kilometers on pure electric power and more than 500 kilometers in bi-fuel operation without making a stop to re-charge. In the framework of the model offensive that is now in full swing, Opel is making another clear statement and investing in the future of electric mobility. The German automaker is significantly reducing the Ampera's purchase price in selected markets – as a boost for this environmentally friendly type of mobility that is still not widespread enough. In Germany the innovation leader Opel Ampera is now available from just 38,300 euros, a substantial reduction of 7,600 euros.

Opel is one of the pioneers in trendsetting electric mobility. Since its market launch at the beginning of 2012, Opel has made significant progress with its first electric car. By streamlining series production processes, leveraging savings in components purchasing and maintaining an unwavering commitment to making electric mobility affordable for everyone, Opel is now able to considerably reduce the Ampera's price. In doing so, the automaker strengthens a new, trendsetting technology – for the general benefit of the customers and much to the delight of the Opel CEO. Dr. Karl-Thomas Neumann: "The Opel Ampera was the first electric car on the market from a European manufacturer. With our new pricing, we show our straightforwardness and continue to pursue our strategy for sustainable mobility. We at Opel remain committed to investing in electric propulsion and believe in an emission-free automotive future – not in the future, but today." The Opel CEO announced this good news today at the ZEIT Congress in Frankfurt, a conference for experts on the subject of mobility of the future.

The Opel Ampera is a fully-fledged, four-seat sedan which can cover up to 80 kilometers on pure electric power, meaning completely emission-free in urban areas. When the 16-kWh lithium battery is charged with electricity from renewable sources, its environmental footprint is impeccable. And when the on-board range extender – a 1.4-liter gasoline engine – is used, the Opel Ampera can cover distances up to 500 kilometers without stopping for a battery re-charge.

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