There are already official QR code stickers on 2013 model cars, thanks to a rule from the US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation. Chevrolet Volt owner Kevin Tofel thinks it's a smart move to address misconceptions about the car, its large battery and gasoline generator by adding some promotional QR stickers.

Tofel bought his 2013 Volt nearly two months ago and has already put more than 2,000 miles. He recently returned home from a 10-day trip and found a package in the mail with a new Volt owners kit; inside he found the Quick Response (QR) code stickers. By putting these on his car, it becomes a mobile advertisement for it's brothers and sisters still at Chevy dealerships.

The QR code is takes viewers to a YouTube video (which we have made available below) that explains the benefits of the Volt and how it differs from other cars on the road. For example, that you can charge it in four hours on a 240 volt home charging station, you get about 38 miles of emission-free driving on a charge and, if you don't get a chance to recharge, the gasoline engine gives you the freedom to drive anywhere. Plus, the video points out that the Volt is really fun to drive – instant torque, power when you need it and 100 miles per hour on the track. The video ends with the old-school tagline: "It's more car than electric."

Tofel thinks the video's 360-pixel resolution works pretty well. It's not a lot, but at least it won't eat up gobs of mobile broadband data. Better still, it answers a lot of the initial questions that people thinking about buying a Volt have. With the sticker, they can get more information simply by using their smartphone near his Volt.

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