Infographic: Super Bowl ads that won and whiffed

Seventeen days after the Super Bowl and we're still talking about the commercials. Crazy, we know, but that's how significant these ads are, and why the $3.5 million price tag for airtime during the game seems almost justified... almost.

Yesterday we reported that YouTube had crowned Chrysler's " Halftime in America" as the most watched car commercial from the Super Bowl (an M&M's ad nabbed the #1 most viewed overall spot). But YouTube views don't mean much to automakers that are trying to sell cars. They want to know if their multi-million dollar Super Bowl ad directly increased interest in the vehicles they're selling.

To answer that question we have this infographic from car-shopping website CarWoo!. While we wouldn't blame you for guessing that Chrysler and Clint Eastwood drummed up the most car-shopper interest, you'd be wrong. According to the numbers crunched by CarWoo!, Chevrolet received the highest lift in consideration after the big game at 61 percent. Chrysler was second with a 26-percent lift and Toyota third at 25 percent. Brands with big ads like Acura, Volkswagen and Honda, however, saw no lift in interest after the Super Bowl.

Chevrolet's performance here can be partially attributed to the volume of ads it ran before, during and after the Super Bowl. It was by far the most prolific auto advertiser. But not all of its ads were winners. While commercials for the Sonic, Camaro and Silverado contributed positive lift, the ad for the Volt did nothing to help raise the bottom line of consumer interest.

Also interesting to note is the back-of-the-pack performance of Cadillac, which, despite boasting that its ad for the ATS was the most watched advertisement of all time, only saw a six-percent lift in interest.

Follow the jump for the full infographic from CarWoo!.

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