Dad disapproves of son's 530-horsepower MR2

Reaction vids certainly aren't in short supply. Whether it's a mom screaming her head off during a hot lap of Laguna Seca, a little boy freaking out over the silent rush of acceleration in a Tesla Roadster, or a wife screaming expletives at her husband in Italian during a Sunday spin in a Honda Civic Type-R, these candid-camera-style videos are usually good for a few laughs.

More recently, the meme has been slathered with sex appeal to attract even more eyeballs. There's this well-known example, plus someone on YouTube who just has pretty girls ride shotgun as he takes them for a ride.

We like it best when the passenger's reaction is honest and unscripted, though. Like this example, in which a son takes his father for a ride in his pride and joy: a 530-horsepower Toyota MR2. Shot back in 2010, it's not new, but we'd never seen it before and still get a kick out of the father's response.

Take a trip with Dad after the jump to see for yourself.

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