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Do you remember the exact moment when you discovered that you loved the automobile? We're not so sure we can pin down that exact moment ourselves, but this video shows the precise second that one young man earns his wheels.

A camera fixed on the face of a youngster taking his first ride in a Tesla Roadster 2.5 shows that internal combustion isn't required for the automobile to dig its claws into our hearts. The post-jump video starts out slowly enough as the young fella chats it up with who appears to be a family friend or relative, but about 22 seconds in said driver slams the Tesla's go pedal, producing one of the most genuine expressions of fear and excitement we've ever seen.

We knew the Tesla Roadster packed a serious battery-powered punch, but we didn't know it could make you call out for your mommy. Hit the jump to watch this boy receive the call and reminisce about your own induction to the class of auto fandom in the comments. Hat tip to Robinson!

[Source: YouTube]

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