Hyundai Veloster flashes its LEDs for us – Click above to watch video after the jump

Hyundai is bringing its hotly anticipated sports coupe to the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, and it appears from a new teaser video and microsite that that the car will indeed be called Veloster, ending months of speculation that the affordable model could be named something else (Tiburon, FS, π, etc.).

Hyundai has also released a video of the Veloster, but it's pretty low on the fulfillment meter and heavy on the teasing. The clip, which you can watch after the jump, tells us the Veloster will have a direct-injected engine, a dual-clutch gearbox, hit an estimated 40 miles per gallon and will come with Bluetooth connectivity. At this point we can only stare at the pretty blue LED lights seen above and continue to pour over camo-clad examples in spy shots.

*UPDATE: Through some Photoshop wizardry, readers Brendon and APV have managed to provide a better look at the Veloster. Click to see Brendon's image & APV's image. Thanks to both of you!

[Sources: YouTube, Hyundai]

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