Porsche is engaged in roundtable discussions about re-entering Formula 1. The Stuttgart automaker has been in and out of Formula 1 for decades, and now with Volkswagen making noises about entering various racing series like NASCAR, it appears all that's left to be decided is which manufacturer will go where. The latest pie to be split has an LMP1 car on one side and an F1 car on the other, with Audi and Porsche holding the forks. Audi has already said it doesn't fit with Formula 1, leaving Porsche as the de facto F1 entrant.

Porsche's current racing involvement is mainly through customer programs, so this move (should it happen) would mark a return to full-on heavy duty factory involvement. VW has been in talks with the FIA about providing a so-called "world engine" for F1, but it's unclear whether Porsche's involvement would hinge on that coming to pass or if the automaker would make an engine regardless. The Williams F1 team's overtures to VW could provide another point of entry to the pinnacle of motorsport.

[Source: Autocar]

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