Report: Volkswagen joining NASCAR rumors begin to swirl again

First Toyota, now Volkswagen? According to the boys from Motor Trend, VeeDub is seriously considering entering into the bastion of American motorsport. That's right, NASCAR. While rumors of VW fielding a Formula 1 team have swirled for quite some time, this is the second time we've heard that the German automaker is considering American stock cars and oval tracks.

What may be prompting this apparent interest in NASCAR? As we all know, Volkswagen has its sights set on becoming a much larger player in the American market, going so far as to create a New Midsize Sedan specifically for the States that will be built by U.S. workers in Tennessee. Not exactly Carolina, the hub of NASCAR development, but close enough.

And it's this upcoming New Midsize Sedan (unnamed as of yet) that would be doing oval duty against the likes of Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford and the previously mentioned Toyota. If the rumors are to be believed, VW will begin talks with NASCAR officials and Roger Penske, who fields one of the more successful teams in the sport, in November after the current season concludes.

UPDATE: SPEED reports there's no way Volkswagen's going NASCAR racing next season, and Roger Penske has confirmed he'll be still be racing with Dodge next year, not VWs.

[Source: Motor Trend]

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