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We'll say it once again, with feeling (aka, italics): The Volkswagen Amarok is not coming to the United States. If you want one, we're sorry. Vee-Dub simply doesn't think there are enough of you waiting in the wings with cash-in-hand ready to take the fateful trip down to your local dealership. And it's probably right.

After all, the Amarok wouldn't likely sell for less money than a well-equipped and V8-powered full-size pickup truck from one of America's three specialists in the field, and its admittedly attractive specifications probably wouldn't mean it would be more useful to the average Joe, either. Those that really want that torquey little diesel engine (and are willing to pay for it) wouldn't amount to enough sales to make it worthwhile to VW.

Finally, Brazil media relations manager Gilberto dos Santos tells Inside Line that the General Pacheco manufacturing plant in Argentina is slated to be at full capacity churning out about 100,000 units annually, which is the expected demand in the markets the truck is already slated for. That said, if you're feeling slighted, feel free to voice your opinion to your local dealer.

[Source: Inside Line]

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