Following the confirmation of Chrysler's tie-in with the Fiat group, images began swirling around our imaginations of the imminent arrival of Alfa Romeo models current and future. That may, according to reports emerging from Italy, prove a little premature. (It happens to lots of guys, we hear). Because while the itty-bitty Fiat 500 is anticipated to hit Chrysler dealers in the near future, the venture may leave the smaller Alfas behind.
A new Alfa Romeo flagship sedan to succeed the discontinued 166 is reportedly planned for North American production, and the Giulia sedan expected to replace the current 159 around 2012 is expected to be on offer Stateside as well. But if the latest reports prove accurate, the current MiTo and its upcoming five-door counterpart, the Milano, could be left back in the Old Country when the Italian family sails for America.

[Source: Motorionline via eurocarblog]

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