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It looks like the 300 might be joined by a 500 in Chrysler showrooms. According to Chrysler CEO and head of sales for all Chrysler Group brands, Peter Fong, the Pentastar will be in charge of Fiat 500 distribution in the States, and unlike the ill-fated Chrysler TC by Maserati, the tag isn't expected to read "Chrysler 500 by Fiat." Because of its relatively low volume, Chrysler doesn't see the need to build a separate dealer network for the retro runabout. Instead, Chrysler dealers will just be adding a Fiat 500 corner in their showrooms.

According to Autoweek, about 80 percent of Chrysler dealers are currently offering Dodge and Jeep lines as well as Chryslers, so adding Fiat shouldn't be too difficult. Chrysler will start building the 500 at their Toluca, Mexico plant in late 2010 or early 2011 according to AW's supplier source. Of the 100,000 units Chrysler plans to build in Mexico, one-third are expected to go to Brazil, who has a free trade pact with Mexico, and as production ramps up, Chrysler is expected to offer the entire 500 lineup eventually. That means we stand a good shot at seeing the hatchback, convertible, wagon and Abarth versions here in the Colonies. We'll take an Abarth SS. No, a Giardiniera. Can you build us an Abarth SS Giardiniera, please?

[Source: Autoweek]

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