Acura NSX Submarine - Click above to watch the video after the jump

The Acura NSX is rare enough that you rarely see them on the streets. When we saw a mint condition NSX trolling the streets of Woodward during the Dream Cruise, we were reminded of just how much road presence Acura's first and only supercar actually has. If we owned a a mint condition NSX, we might reasonably be tempted to avoid driving it the weather forecast even hinted at rain, but unfortunately not all drivers appear to exercise care in wet weather.

Hit the jump to watch a beautiful NSX as it trudges through what looks to be nearly two feet of standing water. At one point, the water, which came as the result of a torrential downpour in Orange Park, Forida, was up to the side mirrors. The real payoff, when the video goes from sad anger-inducing to hilarious comes about 33 seconds in, when you can clearly see water pouring out of the closed doors of the NSX. It stuns us to think that someone would think it would be a good idea to drive a low-slung supercar through a flood zone, but it probably shouldn't.

[Source: YouTube via: Autojunk]

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