Frankfurt Preview: Audi to show electric concept, possibly battery-powered R8?

With less than two months to go before the start of the Frankfurt Motor Show, the rumor mill is heating up fast. As with other recent shows, electric and alternative drive vehicles are expected to play a big part in Germany. Audi is just one of the automakers that may show off at least a concept powered by batteries and electric motors – the big question is what platform will get the EV treatment. The most probable candidate is a mini-car based off of VW Group's "new small family" platform that was previewed with the 2007 Up! concepts.
There is, however, another long-shot possibility: an electric supercar based off the R8. This is a rumor that first cropped up last spring and was quickly shot down by Audi. However, two weeks ago Mercedes-Benz announced that it would build an electric version of its upcoming SLS gull-wing coupe. Might the cross-country rivals from Ingolstadt have an answer for that eco-friendly supercar up its corporate sleeves?

We checked with our contacts at Audi who would only say it's too early to talk about Frankfurt. If Audi has suddenly reversed course and decided to build a electric R8 concept, it will probably be mostly a styling mock-up rather than a fully functional vehicle. Of course, it's even more likely it just won't happen at all.


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