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To go along with the email that was sent to Chrysler employees, CEO Bob Nardelli is now starring in his very own video where he continues to extol the virtues of a partnership with Fiat. After stating that Chrysler is clearly a viable company on a standalone basis, Nardelli goes on to say that the Detroit-based automaker's future would be "significantly enhanced" with a Fiat alliance. How so?

First, Chrysler stands to gain plenty of impressive technology, including Fiat's new Multiair engine technology. Furthermore, new vehicle platforms could be introduced to the United States market – including the diminutive Fiat 500 – in segments that Chrysler currently fares poorly.

According to Nardelli, all of these developments would save Chrysler plenty of money and would allow the American automaker to repay its federal loans in a more timely fashion. In any case, Chrysler has until March 31st to prove to President Obama's Task Force that it's just a few billion dollars away from becoming a viable company. Stay tuned.


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