Click on the image above to watch video of Howie Long irking non-GM fans

Howie Long has set blogger keyboards ablaze with invective. The former footballer's starring role in Campbell-Ewald's latest spots for General Motors has some in a froth. We think the spots are funny – calling out the Ford F-150's "Man-Step," picking on a heated steering wheel, and pointing out that Chevrolet's new Traverse crossover holds a demonstration load that the Honda Pilot can't accommodate. BrandFreak's Kenneth Hein took particular exception with the Pilot spot, spouting off with a post about how his Pilot has tons of storage space. Yes, it does, Ken, but the Traverse has more (there's something about an extra 14 inches in length that leads to that sort of thing). The best part is when one of the actors shows up in BrandFreak's comments, telling it like it is. We expect this kind of fervor from Scion xB owners; but is it really necessary to call Howie Long an arrogant ass? Decide for yourself, spots posted after the jump.

[Source: BrandFreak]

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