Click above for a gallery of the Great Wall Coolbear spy pics

A while back we told you about China's Great Wall Motors (GWM) and how they planned to get into the small car market, namely by Xeroxing the Scion xA and xB. Well, now we have some spy pics of the production GWM Coolbear, and it's the spitting image of the concept we saw in Shanghai a couple of years ago. Admittedly, the mirrors are less show car and more road car, but other than that, it's remarkably unaltered. The Coolbear should help Great Wall Motors expand from their truck-building roots, assuming Toyota doesn't have greater success than other carmakers have been suing China's automakers for copyright infringement. The Coolbear is expected to use a 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, just like the Scion, but we don't know if it will have a similar VVT-i stamp on it. Check out the gallery below, and if you think we were kidding about this being a copy, check out the taped-over-badges on the silver car used for 'inspiration' in the studio.

[Source: China Car Times]

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