Detroit's Greater Grace Church took the unusual step this weekend of having a donated Ford Escape, Chevy Tahoe, and Chrysler Aspen (all hybrid models, of course) join the Rev. Charles Ellis on the altar. "This week, lives are hanging above an abyss of uncertainty as both houses of Congress decide whether to extend a helping hand," Ellis preached to the congregation. "We have never seen as midnight an hour as we face this week," he added.

Members in attendance, including UAW Vice President General Holiefield, were asked to pray that Congress would bail out the struggling Detroit automakers. "We have done all we can do in this union, so I'm going to turn it over to the Lord," Holiefield told the congregation. Rev. Ellis isn't the first religious leader to call those employed by the auto industry to seek help from above. Other Detroit-area Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders have also urged Congress to approve an auto aid package. As of now, it's a waiting game to hear if their prayers will be answered. Thanks for the tip, H4MM3R!

[Source: FOXNews, Photo by Wiedmaier | CC 2.0]

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