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Clint Eastwood's Changeling has all the Oscar buzz going for it at the moment, but we're stoked for the other movie he has coming out this year, Gran Torino. And yes, the title has everything to do with the car, as you can see from the poster above, which was just released.

The plot summary, via IMDB: "Disgruntled Korean War vet Walt Kowalski (Eastwood) sets out to reform his neighbor, a young Hmong teenager, who tried to steal Kowalski's prized possesion: his 1972 Gran Torino." USA Today has a longer piece out that fleshes out the story some more.

Messing with someone's Gran Torino is wrong. Messing with Clint's... well, you asked for it, dummy. We'll drop the 10 bucks to see this one at the multiplex when it opens in December.

[Source: USA Today via In Contention]

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