The latest Bentley Arnage is doing the rounds in Spain, but it isn't the sedan's appearance that's news, it's how it might be powered. As far as cosmetic bodywork, the changes appear minimal, including new fog light placement, rear apron and exhaust exit. A little more substantially, the car is widened at the B-pillar, which should finally give back bench passengers the kind of room that befits a Bentley sedan.
Exterior and interior tweaks aside, what's under the hood is where things are supposedly cracking. Rumors that we can only guess are highly speculative suggest that the coming Arnage will get a diesel engine. We're not sure if those rumor-mongers got the memo a month ago in which Bentley CEO Josef Paefgen stated there will be no diesel Bentleys. But supposing one of Rudolph's children was dropped in that massive engine bay, suspects are Audi's V12 TDI for the standard model, and the Veyron's W16 to create a thermonuclear Arnage T. Sign us up.

[Source: Global Motors]

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