Spy Shots: Rolls Royce RR4 - the Baby Rolls

Click above for high-res spy shots of the Rolls-Royce RR4

We've shown you spy shots before of the upcoming "Baby Rolls", dubbed internally by Rolls Royce as the RR4, but none as good as these. Caught in clear view by KGP photographers, the upcoming "entry level" car by Rolls Royce that's based on the same underpinnings as the next BMW 7-Series looks for all the world like a little Phantom, just wearing less conspicuous consumption on its sleeve. What we have here is a Rolls Royce that should more of a driver's car than the Phantom, a true chauffeur-driven chariot if ever there was one. Like Bentley has its Continental line for the up and coming super rich who care about driving dynamics more than lineage and pedigree, so too will the RR4 reach out to those who don't care about monolithic grilles (it's still got one as you can see through the covering) and 2-inch thick carpeting. We do notice, however, that the RR4 appears to be sporting rear suicide doors, which is a nice touch that links the smaller car with its big bro'. A range of engines have been rumored that include all manner of V12s and V8s, as well as a diesel. Time will tell, but for now we're day dreaming of an epic comparison test between a Bentley Continental Flying Spur and the RR4. Check out more pics in the gallery below.

[Source: KGP Photographers]

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