SEMA 2007: Hot Wheels tries something new to celebrate its 40th

Click image for live gallery from the Hot Wheels SEMA press conference

To celebrate its 40th anniversary of scale dream fulfillment, Hot Wheels decided to do something it has never done before. The company allowed designers from outside itself to develop concepts that will be turned into actual Hot Wheels offerings. But they didn't open the doors to just anyone, they chose designers from some of the leading auto manufacturers. The results were unveiled today at SEMA. While all had some cool elements that made them fun and toy-like, we really liked the Lotus Concept and the Mitsubishi Double Shotz, pictured above. It had TWO Evo engines for goodness sakes! Other entries shown were the Dodge XP-07, Gangster Grin from Ford, Chevroletor ( GM), Honda Racer (that happens to look like the "H" logo from above), and Hot Wheels' own HW-40. Each of the cars will also be built as a 1:64 model for the Hot Wheels lineup.

See more sketches of the new Hot Wheels creations over at CNN Money.

[Source: Mattel]

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