Enter the rumormill: Maybach 62 Laundaulet headed for Middle East debut

Even in the post-Chrysler age, Maybach remains a bit of a thorn in Mercedes' side. Its vehicles have been far less than the sales success hoped for, prompting Daimler to buy back 29 Maybach dealers. Subsequently the parent company wouldn't be so eager to invest more into the ultra-premium brand, but reports are circulating the internet of a new version that would require significantly less investment than an all-new model that could breathe a little more life into the dying breed.

Landaulets were a popular bodystyle in the 1920's and 30's, one which Maybach may be resurrecting with a half-convertible version of the extra-long Maybach 62. With a convertible roof fitted from the B-pillar rearwards, the Maybach 62 Landaulet would let the sun shine in on its pampered rear occupants, while leaving the front section covered with a conventional roof for the chauffer.

Reports indicate that the Landaulet version is being prepared for launch at next month's Middle East International Motor Show, held mid-November in Dubai, where some eccentric and moneyed sheiks might still be interested in the unique vehicles.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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