Paris Motorcycle Show: KTM Concept 690 Stunt

From time to time on Autoblog, we run stories featuring KTM's new X-Bow roadster. Color us orange with anticipation at the prospect of an open-air performance machine from the Austrian company normally known for generating excitement with fewer wheels by two. Case in point: the new KTM Concept 690 Stunt. Using their new single-cylinder LC4 engine displacing 654cc's, this machine features an awesome single-sided swingarm, Renthal handlebar, orange crashbars and a 12 o'clock bar aft of the single seat. If this law-breaker-to-be is too over-the-top for you, consider the bike on which it's based: the 690 Supermoto.

Also receiving the new LC4 engine is the 690 Duke. If you prefer your cycling to be done after the pavement ends, KTM has you covered with the 690 Enduro. Each of the new 690 models features a steel trellis frame and an USD fork. No matter what your taste in riding is these days, KTM has a bike to cater to you. Rest assured, even though KTM is testing the sportscar market, they haven't forgotten their orange and black roots.

One more thing... you didn't think that KTM had forgotten you superbike folks did you? Neither did we.

[Source: KTM, Bikes in the Fast Lane, Raptors and Rockets]

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