Spied: Bullitt Mustang?

Apparently, we're wrong. We just spoke to someone in the know, who has seen the Bullitt and claims to be familiar with the car pictured. This individual says that this car is NOT the Bullitt, but is another named variant (hence the covered cap in back). The good news is that the same source said that the Bullitt's much cooler-looking than this GT. And here we thought Ford was just being extra-sneaky/slick with the red paint. As for this car, then, we wonder if it's just a minimalist package for the GT, a la the old SN95 GTS (or better still, the 5.0 LX Fox-bodies). We have to admit -- we're curious, and our source refused to divulge any more specifics. In any case, we're all flummoxed right now as the Pony parade continues.

Our friends at Popular Mechanics tipped us off to new shots by Jim Dunne that they've posted on their website. The pics depict a "mystery" Mustang being trailered around Detroit, but the first thing we thought when laying eyes on them was: Bullitt. Dunne would have paid no mind to the car if not for the covered-up faux gas cap on the rear end, which obviously means there's something to hide there.

For us, the black wheels and the ponyless, lightless grille have us all but certain that this is indeed the Bullitt. Take those two elements, replace the photo car's finish with Highland Green, and friends, you have the modern iteration of Frank Bullitt's trusted steed. Kudos to Ford for being clever. By not overly disguising it and using the red paint as... well... a red herring, the car hides in plain sight unless you know what to look for.

Head on over to Popular Mechanics for two more shots of the car, and follow the jump for a little visual aid we cooked up.

[Source: Popular Mechanics]

A little Photoshop, some virtual green paint, and voilà! Buckle up before you play cat-and-mouse with those shady characters in the black Charger.

Updated -- Reader Nick did his own 'shop work on the pic and said his was better. He's right, and it's now the one you see below.

Updated Again -- The original car apparently isn't the Bullitt.

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