The first Chinese-built MG rolls off the line

Many speculated that this day would never come, but after six long and expensive months of equipping assembly lines and performing tests, Nanjing Automobile has produced its first MG.

Against a backdrop displaying pictures of Buckingham Palace and the Tower Bridge, the "new" ("new" as in the same design as three years ago) MG7 sedan and MG-TF sports car were unveiled at the plant. These two models will form the basis of some 200,000 vehicles expected to be produced at the manufacturing center each year, with the majority being sold inside the country.

Nanjing Automobile has every intention of trying to export these " new" vehicles abroad, but with prices ranging between $23,300 and $51,700, we doubt we'll see any gleaming TFs on U.S. shores anytime soon.

Thanks for the tip, Ed!

[Source: BBC News]

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