MG now known as Modern Gentleman

It sounds to us like the kind of men's magazine you see at the supermarket. You know the one, the impossibly buffed-up guy on the cover touting a workout that only takes 2 minutes and will make you as solid as an oak tree. Whatever. Modern Gentleman? It sounds too genteel for its own good, nearly obscene. There's pretty much nothing left of the old MG, save the logo and the two letters. Originally denoting Morris Garages, MG's new owner, Nanjing Automobile Group, has elected to change the name to Modern Gentleman. Nanjing wants the brand to represent grace and style to Chinese buyers. Okay, but couldn't they have picked a brand without heritage? MG is less about grace and style than it is about wind in your hair, bugs in your teeth, Prince Of Darkness electrics, incessant leaking and driveway spots marking your little British drophead's territory. At least that's what it means to those of us who ever lusted after a rorty little British roadster. Don't worry so much about the name, just bring us back the MGB GT V8, please.
[Source: Motorauthority]

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