Times have been tough lately for the Chrysler group, so we're happy to see the company is soldiering on. Dodge may be late to the crossover game, but with a best-selling minivan, the automaker hasn't had the need to bring another people mover to market. However, with minivan sales stagnant and competitors ushering in a greater variety of products into the showroom, we think it's a good idea for Dodge to take a stab at the crossover segment.

The folks over at Allpar say the new Dodge crossover will be named "Crew" and will do battle with the likes of the Toyota Highlander and Ford Edge. The crossover will be underpinned by the Dodge Avenger platform, with top-end power likely to come from the
Avenger's 3.5L V6 or the 4.0L V6 that motivates the Pacifica, while Chrysler's 2.4L world engine is a possible candidate for the base model. Beginning in December 2007, the "Crew" is going to be built along side the PT Cruiser at the Toluca plant in Mexico. Chrysler may use the JC49 platform to replace the PT Cruiser in 2010, with little or no connections to the looks of the current PT. Word is that the vehicle will be priced from around $20,000, which we think would be necessary to meet Chrysler's lofty goal of 150,000 units per year.

[Source: Allpar.com]

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