Dodge's mini car to be Chery A1?

China Car Times says that Chinese Web site Autohome is reporting Dodge will re-badge Chery's A1 mini car for sale around the world. According to China Car Times, the A1 is a QQ3 renamed for export. The new name is supposedly intended to avoid any further confrontation with General Motors' lawyers over the whole QQ vs. Spark fight.

We can't find the original article on Autohome, and China Car Times cites no official sources. So this may well be nothing more than rumor at this time. But the A1 does appear to fit Dodge's minicar needs and is styled to compete with the Fit/Jazz, Versa, Matrix, Vibe, Soul and all those other B-cars and CUVs on the road and in development. It sure ain't the Hornet we were hoping for, though.

[Source: China Car Times, Autohome]


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